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 We've been on the TV!

Check out Tom's interview with Tim Muffett on BBC Breakfast News at the Big Bang Fair 2014 in Birmingham.

The ultrasound machine used in the clip is one of the amazing pieces of medical kit we can bring into your school!



One of the best Science Shows we have ever had in science week. 

A fantatsic talk and series of workshops on Monday. The kids were particularly impressed with the Ultrasound and are still talking about the mucus cast!

Karl Palmer, Head of Science, Featherstone High School, London



Teachers tell me all the time...

That they don't know what to tell their students about the range of careers in the health service. They know about the most common ones as we all do, you know, Doctors, Surgeons, Physios. All require top, top grades that are out of reach to many very capable students.

And that is the problem. You have three types of student who you need to advise.

  • Those who are achieving the A & A*s and aspire to be doctors and surgeons.
  • The ones who also aspire to be a doctor but achieve A-C grades that don't quite cut it for Med School.
  • The D/C border lines, that with a little bit of inspiration, may well achieve a C or even a B grade. 

So how, and what do you tell these students?

Getting this right is really, REALLY important not just for them, but for you and your school. Why? Well, since the
government got rid of the careers advisors and organisations such as AimHigher, they put the legal requirment on schools to provide informed and impartial careers advice. And then there is Ofsted.... they recently found 3 out of 4 schools were failing in their responsibilities to provide adequate careers advice. 

Bring an A&E unit into your school or college!

To help you advise and inspire your pupils you can bring our casualty unit into your school where your pupils get to use amazing medical equipment in the classroom! The inspiration behind Classroom Medics and the desire to help teachers and pupils make more informed decisions about their futures, came from my own experience as a student who aspired to be a doctor but didn't get the A-level grades (C,D & E!) I had to find something else that inspired me and I found Physiology, which is one of around 40 careers in an area called Healthcare Science. Now, I also went into teaching and taught Nurses, Paramedics, Pharmacologists and more for over 8 years, so I learnt all about what inspires people along with the various careers out there, what it takes to work in them and all the cool kit they get use on a daily basis.

Workshops that promote over 40 medical careers that don't require A or A* grades

So by bringing Classroom Medics into your school, we can help each one of those three students i have already mentioned. The high flyers, the ones that have never considered a medical or STEM based career and the ones that need that extra push and motivation to get over that D/C grade boundary. We can't loose these students that have the ability and passion to make a difference to society by working in a STEM related career.  Remember, it's all about showing them the opportunities they have infront of them. 

As Featured in The Times Education Supplement

My story about becoming the Human Guinea Pig & my mission with Classroom Medics was Featured in the Science Week edition in March 2012.

Teachers on the Science Live site also rated Classroom Medics with 5 stars!



Get 40 FREE Medical Careers Posters just like these to get you started!

To help you straight away with some free training and resources, I have put together 40 medical careers posters that I will send to you via email for you to download, print and put up in your classroom. I know 40 posters sounds a lot, so I don't send them all at once. I'll send you a one poster each day for 40 days (Mon-Fri). I call it the Forty Day Career Poster Challenge. You can create an ever changing Medical Careers Display in your school! 

By filling in the form below you will get your first poster via email straight away and I will also send you an A1 poster that is a guide to Healthcare Science in the post. Just fill in the form below to start your amazing display! 



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